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File Formats Supported By RFS


Image formats supported:

Images can be imported e.g. to use as as movables/sprites for enemies, items, ..., or as wall and floor texture for your rooms, and more. In many places, they're limited to a 32x32 size.


Digital audio formats supported:

The sounds are limited to a few seconds length, which with some care also suffices for looped background ambient sounds. If you want long music tracks, use MIDI.


Music formats supported:

RFS supports General MIDI 1/2 for game music. However, it does so in a reasonably modern way with an internal cross-platform software synthesizer (via this other software library), and a full, integrated instrument set. This gives you consistent and reliable playback.

If you think MIDI is outdated and bad, here is why RFS uses MIDI in more detail.

If you find a file that is not working, let the community know so it can be fixed. RIFF/RMID is currently unsupported, you need to use pure General MIDI music files.

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